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Rooted in giving back to the community that makes us possible, Equestly Horses is just another way Equestly® makes dreams come true.

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Our Mission

Our mission is much more than to simply deliver the best riding apparel on the market.

We strive to empower and inspire all equestrians - at every level.

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EQ Scorpio

As part of the first step in a long journey of support, we are thrilled to welcome EQ Scorpio to the EQUESTLY® family.

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At Equestly Horses, we believe in making dreams come true. That's why we've introduced three subscription plans that not only give you access to VIP Content and dedicated discount codes to our premium Equestly Products, but also joins a community of people who are supporting athletes in achieving their goals, championing success, and providing opportunities for riders - for less than a cup of coffee a day.

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