Silver Tier

Regular price$25.00
Silver Tier

Silver Tier

Regular price$25.00
  • Supports Horse & Rider teams Achieve their dreams
  • Entered into Quarterly Equestly Products Giveaways
  • Exclusive VIP Quarterly Horse Updates

Our entry-level Silver Tier subscription plan is perfect for those looking to enhance their equestrian experience and provide support to EQ Scorpio & Diego. You'll receive exclusive quarterly VIP Content (featuring behind-the-scenes footage, training tips, and insights from our sponsored athlete, Diego Farje) and quarterly Equestly Products giveaways.

Join us on the journey to success and get an inside look at what it takes to excel in the equestrian world, updates on EQ Scorpio, and more!

When you become an Equestly Horse Club Member, you take part in achieving the mission of empowering and insipring equestrians across the planet.

All Club Members :

  • Dedicated discount code to Equestly Products*
  • VIP Updates on Horse & Rider progress*
  • The honor of supporting athletes dreams

* frequency and percentage depend on subscription tier

100% of every dollar goes to support Riders (just like you) and all future needs of Equestly Horses.

VIP Updates are exclusive content including photos and videos of Equestly Horses horse & rider.

Get progress updates, training schedules, competition prep, and more!

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